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As Spain becomes the latest  country to be bailed out in the Eurozone, the search for a new British growth model becomes ever more pressing.

You can still register for our conference ‘The British Growth Crisis: The Search for a New Model’ (16-18 July, University of Sheffield) and be part of this debate.

To view the full, exciting programme , which includes a roundtable discussion involving leading think-tankers, or to register online, click on the links provided.

And because (we think) this issue is so important, we will also let you know about Events|News by other organisations seeking to address the problems facing our economy, SPERI Co-Director Colin Hay will be a speaking at the TUC conference ‘After Austerity: Where next for the UK economy?’, which takes place in London on 26 June.

You can also keep up to date on the issues that matter by reading the different blogs of the some of the speakers at our July conference.  

Check out the links below:

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Jonathan Portes

Richard Murphy