Video highlights from SPERI inaugural conference

‘The British Growth Crisis: Overview and Main Themes’

Plenary session chaired by Professor Tony Payne (SPERI Co-director, University of Sheffield) including:

‘A crisis of growth, not a crisis of debt’, Professor Colin Hay (SPERI Co-director, University of Sheffield)

‘Crisis without end? The deadlocked economy’, Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Cambridge & Chair of SPERI International Advisory Board)

‘Finance and Industry: What Relevance LIBOR?’

Lecture by Ann Pettifor (Director of PRIME Economics & member of SPERI International Advisory Board) with an introduction by Professor Colin Hay

‘Comparative Dimensions’

Plenary Session chaired by Professor Colin Hay including:

‘A global economic crisis or a (big) storm in a (small) teacup? Bringing the rest of the world back in’, Professor Nicola Phillips (University of Sheffield)

‘The comparative political economy of the UK’s debt crisis’, Dr Helen Thompson (University of Cambridge)

‘ The contribution of economists to the second Great Depression’, Professor Robert Wade (London School of Economics)