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[Comment] The underbelly of the global economy

Nicola Phillips

Labour exploitation is the rotten root of the global economy, and we need a broader and tougher approach than is currently on the cards to deal with it Few can have failed to notice the slew of stories in recent weeks on a common theme: the prevalence of labour exploitation within the global economy. The stories are harrowing. They include … Continue reading

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[Comment] Haldane’s new political economy?

Andrew Baker

Andrew Haldane’s vision is crucial to looking beyond our broken financial system, but it will take a collective effort to realise it Andrew Haldane, Executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England, has been referred to as the ‘darling of the intelligentsia’. He is without doubt one of the heroes of the financial crisis. Haldane is one of … Continue reading

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[News] Thank you for listening to the Conversation

Thank you to all of those who braved the torrential rain to come to our recent event ‘Professor David Marquand In Conversation’ on Thursday 22 November 2012. We thoroughly enjoyed what we thought was a deeply insightful and interesting event and we hope you did too. Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Cambridge) chatted to Professor David Marquand (University of Oxford) … Continue reading

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[Comment] The rise of the BRICS?

Matthew Bishop

Is rapid development in a handful of large and increasingly powerful countries transforming the global economy? Or is ‘BRICS’ just a catchy slogan? The world is undergoing a deep and protracted process of change, with power shifting from ‘the West’ to ‘the East’. In both academic and more popular literature, commentators are suggesting that we are seeing the  ‘rise’ of … Continue reading

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[Comment] Uneven geographies of the British crisis

Scott Lavery

As the UK’s economic model flat-lines, new visions of a progressive political economy – rooted in our cities, regions and sub-national spheres – become more significant In a recent blog post Colin Hay argued that this is a ‘very British crisis’ in the sense that successive UK administrations actively promoted – domestically and internationally – the unsustainable model of Anglo-American … Continue reading

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[Comment] On the rack of inequality

Danny Dorling

The gap between the richest and poorest in Britain is widening to new extremes Even way up the income scale, you might be on the bank board – but if you are the director responsible for procurement, foremost in your mind is the finance director’s pay – and what other job you could do that would improve  your financial status? … Continue reading

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[Comment] A very British crisis – acknowledging our own culpability

Colin Hay

If we are to get the response to the crisis right and to put it right, we first need to get the crisis right The crisis has been understood in a variety of rather different ways – most of them credible in at least some respect.  Is this Britain’s crisis or a global financial crisis or a crisis of the … Continue reading

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[Comment] The U.S. Elections and the climate silence

Jeremy Green

Obama defeats Romney, but the politics of climate change was the real loser in this election As hurricane Sandy battered the Eastern coast of the U.S. last week, campaigning ground to a halt. A force beyond the control of party politics had made a spectacular intervention, with commentators anticipating that Sandy could have a major impact upon the elections outcome. … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI Comment is here!

We are delighted to announce the launch of SPERI Comment, a new interactive, political economy blog which will feature articles from a variety of leading commentators, on the issues that matter. SPERI Comment is intended to help spread opinions and ideas of academics from the University of Sheffield, with research interests in political economy, to a wider audience. Further contributions … Continue reading

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[Comment] Why Political Economy?

Tony Payne

The global crisis is both economic and political. But economics and politics on their own won’t help us understand it Why set up a new blog to host debate about issues of political economy?  Why establish a new university-based research institute – SPERI- focused upon the study of political economy? The answer comes in two parts.  The first is that the … Continue reading

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