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[Comment] Ed Miliband’s Polanyian problem

Scott Lavery

‘One Nation’ politics might resuscitate the Labour Party, but it risks disguising real divisions within British society Ed Miliband’s first act as Labour Party leader was to affirm that the old was, indeed, dying. After fifteen years of credit-fuelled growth and deregulation, the economy had tipped into the Great Recession. Miliband recognised that the Third Way had passed. In order … Continue reading

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[Comment] Austerity or growth?

Jeremy Green

The debate has reached a dead-end; reframing it is key to building a progressive future For many of us, our attitude towards the politics of austerity will play a key role in how we vote during the next election. Since the crisis began the media has been buzzing with talk of ‘cuts’, ‘borrowing’, ‘belt-tightening’, ‘prudence’ and ‘savings’. All of us … Continue reading

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[Comment] Cigarettes, health and political economy

Valbona Muzaka

All eyes should be on the new WTO dispute with Australia As many of us would have noticed in our supermarkets, cigarette packs are no longer on display.  This is the most recent move to control and limit tobacco consumption and associated health concerns. The UK is neither the first nor the only country to move in this direction, with … Continue reading

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[Comment] Catalonia: the canary in the Euromine?

Mick Moran

As the financial crisis intensifies divisions within European nations, Catalonia’s independence movement could be a sign of things to come For years now our sights have been fixed on Greece as the most likely point of fracture in the Eurozone.  But the election campaign in Catalonia in November highlighted an even more likely set of fracture possibilities: along the lines … Continue reading

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[Comment] The fiscal cliff

Andrew Gamble

Polarized politics in Washington have produced a deadlock over fiscal adjustment; a return to pragmatism is essential How seriously should we take the fiscal cliff? Ben Bernanke first used the phrase in January 2012. The deadlock between the White House and Congress over how to deal with the mounting fiscal deficits of the previous decade postponed any decision until after … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI on tour!

It has been a busy few months for the staff of Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute. This month, Professor Colin Hay attended the European Sociological Association Conference, Milan. Before this, he presented a paper on asset-based welfare and the British crisis at Sciences Po, Paris for the Premier séminaire: finance et protection sociale. You can download his presentation ‘Asset-based welfare’: The … Continue reading

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[Comment] The global financial crisis – a misnomer?

Colin Hay

The global financial crisis isn’t really global or exclusively financial, but we do need to start thinking in a planetary way to overcome it The ‘global financial crisis’ is a misnomer.  As with most things we call global, it’s not genuinely global (though it certainly raises some global issues).  And, while we’re at it, it’s by no means exclusively financial … Continue reading

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[News] Watch the video of ‘Professor David Marquand In Conversation’

If you missed the event ‘Professor David Marquand In Conversation’ on 22 November 2012 at the Octagon Centre, University of Sheffield, you can now watch the recording of the event here. A former Labour MP, Chief Adviser to the European Commission, founding member of the Social Democratic Party and prolific author; Professor David Marquand (University of Oxford) is asked by … Continue reading

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[Comment] The G20 as a ‘global steering committee’?

Tony Payne

The new global political economy needs steering and the G20, despite faults, is our best bet to do the job Globalisation is a ubiquitous term in the new political economy. Some see it as opening up opportunities for national and regional economies, while others suggest that it constrains and denies them. It’s a debate that’s longstanding and far from concluded. … Continue reading

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