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Andrew Gamble

Andrew Gamble

It’s been a busy week for Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute.

On 23 January, Andrew Gamble (University of Cambridge and Chair of SPERI’s International Advisory Board) took part in a phone in on the Toby Foster at Breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield, providing expertise on the possibility of a EU referendum in the hours leading up to David Cameron’s speech. If you want to listen to it, it takes place in the last hour of the show.

Dan Silver referenced SPERI Paper No.1  ‘The British Growth Crisis: a Crisis of and for Growth‘ by SPERI Director Colin Hay in the Guardian article ‘Our welfare state is being transformed under false pretences‘, concluding with the remarks:

Colin Hay

Colin Hay

‘As Colin Hay shows, ‘change our sense of the crisis and we change the range of responses considered appropriate.’ Our economic failure is not the fault of the welfare state and its solutions do not lie exclusively within debates between austerity and Keynesianism. We need to begin a fundamental re-definition of our economy into one that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable, which enables a welfare state of the 21st century to develop. It is only through achieving such a transformation that recovery can truly begin’.

And last but certainly not least, SPERI Director Colin Hay spoke to BBC Newsnight on Thursday about what David Willetts’ proposals  to rebalance the economy through industry and eight innovative technologies mean for the economy.  If you missed it you can catch it on BBC iPlayer.



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