New appointments at SPERI: welcome Stephanie and Valbona!

Stephanie Mudge

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new SPERI Research Fellow – Professor Stephanie Mudge joins us from UC Davis in California.

Stephanie is a political and economic sociologist whose research centres on the historical study of culture, democratic politics, economic policy, and the constitution of political authority.

Her work deals with both the national and transnational levels (Western countries and the European Union). She is especially interested in the relationship between parties, states, and knowledge production in the late postwar ‘neoliberal’ period, as well as the consequences of that relationship for democratic politics and policy-making.  Stephanie’s work thus brings an emphasis on culture, knowledge, and science to bear on our understanding of political economy.

Stephanie is a fantastic addition to the SPERI team and we are delighted to welcome her on board.

Valbona Muzaka
Valbona Muzaka

We have also appointed an Honorary Research Fellow. Valbona Muzaka is a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and her research focuses generally on international political economy, global governance, development and intellectual property. She is currently examining how discourses in which political actors are embedded legitimise their political challenges, and how they may enable and limit the universe of potential outcomes. She also intends to build on her work on intellectual property rights in relation to the ‘knowledge economy’, contesting how knowledge is governed.

Find out more about Stephanie Mudge and Valbona Muzaka.