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[Comment] Should we care about Moody’s?

Our reliance upon credit ratings agencies could prove very damaging to the global economy The recent downgrade of the UK’s AAA sovereign credit rating by Moody’s Investors Service highlights the continuing influence of credit rating agencies. They are among the most puzzling institutions of our times. The raters became a focus of political and media attention during the Asian financial … Continue reading

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[Comment] Who is afraid of copyright?

Valbona Muzaka

Around the world knowledge is being enclosed and the struggle for public access is intensifying I became aware of the link between the recent suicide of Aaron Swartz in the US, the Finch Report  adopted by the UK Government and the legal troubles of the Rameshwari Photocopy Services in Delhi while on a research trip to India. That link is … Continue reading

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[News] Just under a week left to apply for a SPERI studentship, or to submit a proposal for SPERI conference

Thursday, 28 February 2013 is a big day! It’s not only the deadline to apply for the SPERI PhD Studentship, but it’s also the deadline to submit abstract proposals for SPERI annual conference ‘Beyond Austerity vs Growth: The Future of the European Political Economy’. The conference will take place in Halifax Hall at the University Sheffield on 1-3 July 2013. … Continue reading

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[Comment] What should Labour do now?

Colin Hay

Rejecting death by 1000 cuts and proposing alternatives With the crisis persisting and the election drawing nearer Labour faces its most serious challenge in recent years.  The questions are simple: how to engage the Coalition on the economy? What can it offer the electorate? Should it challenge the established consensus on the crisis and reject austerity? Understanding the crisis is … Continue reading

21 February 2013 by
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[Comment] Orwell versus Osborne on the ‘undeserving’ poor

Matthew Watson

Orwell’s literature offers a prism for reflecting upon contemporary views of the poor that challenges the dominant narrative of discrimination and contempt Restrictions to UK welfare budgets demand that urgent attention is given to the issue of poverty.  This is not just a question of who is actually poor and why, but also of the labels attached to people who … Continue reading

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[Comment] The intransigence of British nationalism

Scott Lavery

The world is changing rapidly, but British elites continue to promote the same tired nationalist discourse to damaging effect Symbols of British cultural identity were constantly displayed during the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and throughout 2012. Alongside the fluttering Union Jacks, the inconvenient signs of economic decline, recession and falling living standards were in clear view – or would have … Continue reading

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[News] Looking to do a PhD? 2 weeks left to apply for the SPERI scholarship

SPERI has one studentship available for a candidate to start from September/October 2013. This is an exciting opportunity for a potential candidate interested in the SPERI areas of research, to join a friendly team in a new, exciting and up-and-coming research institute. The award covers fees (UK/EU or Overseas) and a full tax-free stipend at the RCUK rate (£13,590 in … Continue reading

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[Comment] Blaming bankers and accepting austerity

Our everyday experiences of taxation have been crucial to the way that the crisis has been interpreted There is something for everyone on YouTube. A piece of satirical songwriting, entitled ‘Bugger the Bankers’, is quickly racking up many thousands of views. You barely need to watch the video to get the gist. Indeed, following the global financial crisis, bankers are … Continue reading

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[News] Book launch: Capital by John Lanchester – watch the video

If you were unable to attend the recent SPERI event – ‘Book launch: Capital by John Lanchester’ on 7 February 2013 at Firth Hall, you can now watch the full recording of the event! We would like to thank the University Creative Media Team for the making of this video. The next SPERI event will be the Annual Lecture – … Continue reading

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[News] Thank you for attending the book launch of Capital by John Lanchester

Last night John Lanchester launched the paperback version of his latest book Capital in Firth Hall, at the University of Sheffield. Insightful but different accounts of the book were provided by Mick Moran (Professor of Government, Manchester Business School) and Sue Vice (Professor of English Literature, University of Sheffield), before John explained how he came to write both Capital and … Continue reading

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