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New Political Economy

The latest issue of the journal New Political Economy, which is associated with SPERI, has just been published and contains several articles that focus directly on aspects of SPERI’s research agenda.  They include:

On the Persistence of Labour Market Insecurity and Slow Growth in the US: Reckoning with the Waltonist Growth Regime‘ by Matt Vidal (King’s College, London);

Comparative Capitalisms, Ideational Political Economy and French Post-Dirigiste Responses to the Global Financial Crisis‘ by Ben Clift (University of Warwick and Honorary Research Fellow of SPERI); and

Freedom and the Strong State: On German Ordoliberalism‘ by Werner Bonefeld (University of York).

The issue also includes a Forum, entitled ‘After Orthodoxy: Governance and Development in Africa‘ and edited by Graham Harrison (SPERI/Department of Politics, University of Sheffield).  It presents five short comments on the performance of African political economies since the onset of the Western financial crisis.