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[Comment] The Great Uncertainty: thinking through financial crisis

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

Economic dynamics must always be understood as profoundly political, open to alternatives and inherently uncertain In this, the second in a series of linked posts on what we have termed the Great Uncertainty, we turn our attention to the nature of the current financial crisis.  We explore the implications, in particular, for how we think (or should think) about the … Continue reading

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[News] Richard Murphy radio interview following his recent SPERI Comment post with Andrew Baker

Richard Murphy (Tax Research UK) and Andrew Baker (SPERI Honorary Research Fellow and Reader in Political Economy at Queen’s University of Belfast) recently blogged for SPERI Comment about the planned cut in corporation tax in Northern Ireland. Following the two blogs Corporation tax in Northern Ireland: the policy debate and Corporation tax in Northern Ireland: the policy debate, Richard debated the issue passionately on … Continue reading

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[Comment] The 2013 UK budget: a triumph of hope over experience

Andrew Gamble

George Osborne’s strategy is failing, leaving him in need of a drastic reversal of fortune The budget of 2012 was a famous ‘omnishambles’, with many of its measures reversed within months.  George Osborne was determined to avoid a repeat in the 2013 budget.  Its measures were designed to appeal to aspiring voters – help with mortgages and childcare, a penny … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI Paper No.2 is here!

SPERI Paper No.2 ‘Capitalist Diversity, Work and Employment Relations’ by Professors Christel Lane and Geoffrey Wood is here! It follows on from the first SPERI Paper ‘ The British Growth Crisis: A Crisis of and for Growth’ by Professor Colin Hay (Director of SPERI), published in February 2013, and you can download them both, free, here! In this second paper the … Continue reading

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[Comment] The state, capitalism and development

Matthew Bishop

State-guided development is here to stay in much of the developing world, which means we need a more sophisticated dialogue concerning its relationship with the market Early last year, The Economist published a special report on ‘The Rise of State Capitalism’. The report detailed the ambiguous implications of the predominance of state-owned firms within the political economies of fast-growing developing … Continue reading

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[News] What does the Chancellor need to do?

Britain’s crisis continues. As we see-saw seemingly incessantly between failed recovery and recession (double-dip, triple-drip, quadruple-dip …) it is time for the Chancellor to think again. It is not so much Plan B that we need so much as an entirely different way of thinking about the crisis we face. This is, as even the IMF can see, a crisis … Continue reading

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[News] Jeremy & Scott visit Budapest for the 10th FEPS Young Academics Network seminar

Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery have recently returned from a trip to Budapest, Hungary for the tenth FEPS YAN (Foundation for European Studies Young Academics Network) seminar. Meeting with around twenty five other young progressive researchers from across Europe, the purpose of the meeting was to establish working groups which will re-convene throughout the year in order to produce policy-orientated … Continue reading

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[Comment] Trimming the sails of global finance?

Randall Germain

Across the world the liberalisation of financial markets is either stalling or in retreat as regulators at last get to grips with global finance With the recent announcement that the EU will push ahead to establish some form of pay cap for bankers, are we at long last – over four years after the onset of the worst financial crisis … Continue reading

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[Comment] Corporation tax in Northern Ireland: a question of political economy

Andrew Baker

Enthusiasm for cutting corporation tax abounds across Northern Ireland’s political elites, but some fundamental questions have gone unasked The corporation tax question in Northern Ireland is an issue of classical political economy, but such considerations have been absent from public debate. Crucially, the pending decision on corporation tax will send a signal regarding the kind of future the citizens of … Continue reading

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[Comment] Corporation tax in Northern Ireland: the policy debate

Northern Ireland is at an economic crossroads, but the focus on cutting corporation tax has been one-sided and obscures some key issues   Andrew Baker, SPERI Honorary Research Fellow & Reader in Political Economy at Queen’s University, Belfast, with Richard Murphy, Tax Research UK   As the UK struggles to shake off the effects of the 2008 crash and faces … Continue reading

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