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[Comment] Will weaker employment rights lead to more and better jobs?

Jason Heyes

In the latest move to weaken protections for workers in the UK, businesses will be allowed to offer employees shares on condition that they give up key employment rights Last week the UK House of Commons voted in favour of a scheme that will enable businesses to offer prospective employees shares on the condition that they forego key employment rights. … Continue reading

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[News] Thanks for attending the Annual Lecture by Robert Peston

Last night Robert Peston gave us his diagnosis of the ‘mess we’re in’. It was an account dosed with optimism and pessimism, concern and humour. Peston came across as both down to earth, knowledgeable, witty and honest in the lecture and in the Q&As that followed. After providing a detailed analysis of what went wrong, what might follow (2014 will … Continue reading

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[Comment] The resource boom: new developmental spaces or another race to the bottom?

Jewellord Nem Singh

Booming resource business in the global South may be opening up new possibilities for development strategies Whilst uncertainty over economic recovery remains pervasive in Europe and the United States, in other parts of the world one can hardly speak of an economic crisis. From the ‘BRICS’ to ‘rising Africa’ and the revival of the G20, we cannot deny the newfound … Continue reading

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[News] Annual lecture by Robert Peston – tonight!

The day has finally arrived, at 6pm Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor, will stand on the Octagon stage for the second SPERI annual lecture, and explain whether he thinks we have ‘fixed the mess we’re in yet?’ Tickets for the event have gone but if you would like to attend, please do come along and we will try and squeeze you if we … Continue reading

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[Comment] Thatcherism and the origins of the present crisis

Jeremy Green

Thatcher transformed Britain, yet many of her policies only accelerated tendencies that had long been incubated within British capitalism In a peculiar sense, the recent obituaries for Margaret Thatcher represent more than death-notices for a former British prime minister.  They represent an obituary for a certain kind of Britain – an overdue obituary for pre-Thatcher Britain, which has been irrevocably … Continue reading

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[News] Provisional programme announced for SPERI Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce the provisional programme for SPERI Annual Conference. The conference entitled ‘Beyond Austerity vs Growth: The Future of European Political Economy’ will take place on 1 – 3 July 2013 at Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield. With an exciting line-up including Iain Begg (LSE), Stuart Holland (University of Coimbra and former MP), Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University), David … Continue reading

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[Comment] German hegemony in the euro-zone?

Simon Bulmer

Germany is increasingly playing the role of a reluctant hegemon within the euro-zone The deal to bail out Cyprus’s banks has reinforced concern about Germany’s growing power in the euro-zone. It is seen as symbolising a new ‘German Europe’.  How has this situation come about and are fears of German hegemony justified? Five reasons can be identified to explain the … Continue reading

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[Comment] The role of consumption in a sustainable economic recovery

Dan Bailey

Economic thinking needs to adapt to the new realities of climate change Five years on from the global financial crash, the (often undefended) assumption that economic growth will eventually and ‘naturally’ return remains an implicit and prominent facet of current political discourse. Yet, in light of a discredited Anglo-Liberal growth model, there is great uncertainty as to what dynamics and … Continue reading

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[News] Palgrave SPERI pivot series coming soon!

We’re delighted to announce that yesterday SPERI signed a contract with Palgrave Macmillan for a SPERI pivot series entitled ‘Rebuilding a Sustainable Recovery: SPERI Research and Policy’. The series of short books will be available to download and also available as hard copies. The first in the series, by SPERI Director Colin Hay, will be published later in the summer. … Continue reading

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[Comment] China’s emerging new development model

As China grows rapidly alongside India and Brazil, can rising living standards coexist with a sustainable green development model? China – and to some extent Brazil and India (which may be christened the BICs) – are staging a ‘Great Convergence’ in terms of industrial strength and incomes. This reverses the past two centuries of the Great Divergence which had separated … Continue reading

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