Annual lecture by Robert Peston – tonight!

Follow the SPERI annual lecture on Twitter @SPERIshefuni #pestonsperiThe day has finally arrived, at 6pm Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor, will stand on the Octagon stage for the second SPERI annual lecture, and explain whether he thinks we have ‘fixed the mess we’re in yet?’

Tickets for the event have gone but if you would like to attend, please do come along and we will try and squeeze you if we can.

Unfortunately because of BBC guidelines, we will not be filming the event, but we will be live tweeting it! Follow the action on twitter @SPERIShefuni or by searching #PestonSPERI.

See you there!


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  1. Cheers for twitter feed, shame BBC guidelines don’t allow filming. Hope a transcript will be available. Some points from twitter feed i found to differ.Social Housing issue is far more complex than just buliding new, but sure this was covered more . Buy to Lets, Landlords with public to private rents keep housing expensive and there seems to be no political will to build a comprehensive social housing stock as debt, borrow against secruity is kept as working model . A 30% plus correction is needed in housing market but this is not equal arcross UK adding more complexity .This will never happen but prob of non correction still stands as is Pestons point of banks still to deal with forbearence a massive issue and good to hear being voiced at last.

    • Thanks for the feedback and thanks for following the twitterfeed! Tweets are only paraphrased and I’m afraid a transcript is not available because of BBC guidelines but we really appreciate your comments and support! Please keep in touch.

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