Thanks for attending the Annual Lecture by Robert Peston

Last night Robert Peston gave us his diagnosis of the ‘mess we’re in’. It was an account dosed with optimism and pessimism, concern and humour. Peston came across as both down to earth, knowledgeable, witty and honest in the lecture and in the Q&As that followed.

After providing a detailed analysis of what went wrong, what might follow (2014 will apparently be the  darkest year yet), possible solutions (invest in infrastructure and housing; break up the banks; reform education), he finished on a more positive note, stating ‘don’t be glum, we’re talented, resourceful & as a nation, rich’.

We were thrilled to witness such an incisive account of today’s economy but we were even more impressed by the tremendous turn out – with the Octagon Centre nearly full to capacity.

Support was also shown on Twitter, you can follow both our live tweeting, and comments by others, on Twitter by searching #pestonsperi.

Thanks for coming and a special thanks to the University Events|News Team and the volunteers who helped out on the night.

Several people have asked us if it is possible to see Peston’s slides again but unfortunately due to BBC guidelines we are unable to distribute his presentation.

However, if you didn’t get chance to bag yourself one last night, Blackwells still have  a few signed copies available of his latest book: ‘How Do We This Fix This mess?: The Economic Price of Having it All, and the Route to Lasting Prosperity’. 

You can also view more photos of the event on our Facebook page.