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[Comment] Why entrepreneurs will not save the world

Owen Parker

Governments have championed ‘entrepreneurs’ as figures capable of reviving stagnant economies and alleviating social problems. But who are they, and are they worth celebrating? Forbes Magazine recently published an article entitled ‘Why entrepreneurs will save the world’ which was written by the author of a book with the sub-title, ‘Embrace Uncertainty and Create the Future’.  Celebratory pro-entrepreneurship language of this … Continue reading

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[Comment] ‘Third World problems’?

Matthew Bishop

We may all be developing countries now, facing similar broad challenges, but our capacity to respond to the rapidly transforming developmental context is highly unequal In late 2011, the Nigerian-American writer, Teju Cole, became a Twitter sensation when he posted a series of imaginative tweets condemning the ‘false and condescending’ tendency to refer to the minor inconveniences of life as … Continue reading

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[News] One week to register under early bird rate for SPERI Conference

The second SPERI annual conference ‘Austerity vs Growth: The Future of the European Political Economy’ is now just over 5 weeks away. The conference will take place on 1 – 3 July 2013 at Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield. The programme features an exciting list of speakers including Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University), Vivien Schmidt (Boston University), Iain Begg (LSE), Stuart … Continue reading

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[Comment] Is there a political economy of football?

Football often likes to see itself as a world apart from society and politics, but it is susceptible to political economy analysis The ‘world of football’ and ‘football people’ are terms often used in discussions of the game of football.   They signify a wish for football to regulate itself and to deal as little as possible with societal forces outside … Continue reading

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[Comment] Opening up public data

Jo Bates

The growing debate over opening up public data raises serious political and economic questions about who gains and who loses from such a process Over recent years, the rules around the re-use of public sector datasets by third parties have become an increasingly contested policy issue in the UK and elsewhere. What’s more, it’s an issue that matters, or should … Continue reading

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[Comment] Unpacking the 2013 Human Development Index

The UNDP claims ‘the Rise of the South’ is having a significant impact on economic growth and societal change In a notable challenge to the gloom of recession in the West and all the continuing and, indeed scarcely unjustified, talk of continuing crisis, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently published its 2013 Human Development Report (HDR) under the arresting … Continue reading

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[Comment] The global land grab

Going back to the intellectual roots of IPE is instructive for understanding today’s global land politics The numbers are truly astounding. The Land Matrix Partnership estimates that over 200 million hectares  of land were sold, leased, licensed or put under negotiation between 2000 and 2010. This is eight times the size of the UK. Critics have dubbed this the ‘global … Continue reading

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[Comment] The failures of supply-side innovation policy

Richard Jones

Longstanding deficiencies in Britain’s innovation policy are hampering our efforts to return to growth Technological innovation is the major source of long-term growth in developed economies.  In the UK we’re now in the most persistent period of slow or no growth this century.  So what is the role of technological innovation – or the lack of it – in the … Continue reading

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[Comment] The UK’s very dangerous banks

Helen Thompson

Banks are being asked to lead the recovery despite the fact that they continue to pose the biggest single threat to the British economy Probably nothing matters more for the immediate future of the UK economy than what is happening in the banking sector. In macro-economic policy terms most of the attention devoted to restoring growth to the economy has … Continue reading

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[News] The Power of Finance before and after the Great Financial Crisis – workshop & special issue of Government & Opposition

On 1 May 2013, we hosted a workshop entitled ‘The Power of Finance before and after the Great Financial Crisis’ at the Kenwood Hotel in Sheffield. The workshop, funded by the journal Government and Opposition, the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) at the University of Manchester and SPERI, attracted leading academics from across the globe, and their papers … Continue reading

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