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[News] Beyond Austerity vs Growth: The Future of the European Political Economy

The SPERI Annual Conference ‘Beyond Austerity vs Growth: The Future of the European Political Economy’ will take place on 1-3 July 2013 at Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield. As the EU reaches a political deal on seven-year budget, the conference is particularly timely. Over 100 delegates will be in attendance, including leading academics, policy makers and journalists from across the … Continue reading

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[Comment] France in recession, and in deepening trouble?

The new Hollande presidency is struggling with the fraught politics of austerity Just one year after winning a famous victory in the French presidential election, François Hollande’s presidency is plumbing new depths in unpopularity as France officially fell back into recession last month. It’s true that all French presidents since the mid 1990s have experienced dramatic post-election drops in popularity … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Great Uncertainty: thinking through shifting economic power

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

The analytical problem is that economic power does not translate easily or automatically into political power In the third of these linked blog posts, we return to the general theme of ‘The Great Uncertainty’ to explore the consequences of the shift in the balance of economic power that many discern, broadly from ‘West’ to ‘East’. The issues, we suggest, are … Continue reading

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[News] ‘The Great Uncertainty’ – SPERI Comment blogs featured in the New Statesman

SPERI Comment has been running a five-part series of blogs entitled ‘The Great Uncertainty’ and we are delighted to announce that the series is being republished on the New Statesman website. The blogs will feature on the New Statesman website every Monday for five weeks from today. You can read the first one here. The series is an attempt by the … Continue reading

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[Comment] Banking Standards and the false promise of competition

Andy Hindmoor

Is more competition really the panacea for the ills of British banking? The Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards has now published its final report. The headline-catching recommendations include a criminal offence of acting in a ‘reckless manner’ and deferring bonus payments for up to ten years. Less noticed but important proposals would give directors a legal responsibility to prioritise financial … Continue reading

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[Comment] Cameron’s three Ts agenda and the G8

The summit was also noticeable for what it did not prioritise In the end, the G8 summit at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland was dominated by Syria, and that’s fair enough.  The plight of that country is truly appalling and deserving of the highest and most urgent political attention. But, as always, there was plenty of political economy in the … Continue reading

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[News] Video of Tony Payne speaking at the 2013 G8 Pre-Summit Conference

Following on from his recent SPERI Comment blogs on the issue, SPERI Director Tony Payne recently spoke out against the outdated terminology still used in the global development debate. Speaking at the 2013 G8 Pre-Summit Conference at Queen’s Belfast University last week, Tony argued again that we are in fact all developing countries now, that the ‘north/south’ and ‘developed/developing countries’ … Continue reading

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[Comment] Growth – do we need it and can we learn to live without it?

Colin Hay

Achieving environmental sustainability may require us to break from growth altogether in the long run So, do we need growth and might we learn to live without it? Nearly all of us who write regularly for SPERI Comment have at least nodded in the direction of the need to think beyond growth in some way.  But we have typically left … Continue reading

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[News] Tony Payne blogs for UNDP’s Human Development Report Office

Following his SPERI Comment blog ‘We are all developing countries now!‘,  Director of SPERI, Tony Payne, continues his attack on the outdated language used in current global discussions, in a blog for the Human Development Report (HDR) Office, part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Discussing the UNDP’s latest HDR ‘The Rise of the South’, published just a couple of … Continue reading

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[Comment] Paying for Post-2015

Gail Hurley

With the UN’s development goals up for renewal the question of financing is more important than ever The UN’s much lauded and also much criticised Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire in 2015. I’m interested in what comes next, but I’m also concerned as to how its post-2015 development vision will be financed. Isn’t that the million (or billion) dollar question? … Continue reading

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