Tony Payne blogs for UNDP’s Human Development Report Office

Following his SPERI Comment blog ‘We are all developing countries now!‘,  Director of SPERI, Tony Payne, continues his attack on the outdated language used in current global discussions, in a blog for the Human Development Report (HDR) Office, part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Discussing the UNDP’s latest HDR ‘The Rise of the South’, published just a couple of months ago,  Tony argues that the wording, designed to catch the headlines, and did so very successfully, is old and outdated:

‘The South has now disappeared, precisely because it has grown.  By the same token, what is the ‘Northness’ of a North characterised by financial crisis, slow growth and in many parts of the EU continuing recession?…

It’s just a bit odd to me that the UNDP would not want to recognise this, especially since it has for 20 years or more sought to compare all of the countries of the world in respect of their human development.  If the UNDP won’t break out of this old and outdated language, who will?  So, say it loud and clear: the South has risen so far and so fast of late that it has completely disappeared as a valid category of analysis.’

You can read the full blog here:

‘The Rise of the South’ – or the Disappearance of the South?