The Great Uncertainty’ – SPERI Comment blogs featured in the New Statesman

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

SPERI Comment has been running a five-part series of blogs entitled ‘The Great Uncertainty’ and we are delighted to announce that the series is being republished on the New Statesman website.

The blogs will feature on the New Statesman website every Monday for five weeks from today. You can read the first one here.

The series is an attempt by the two Directors, Colin Hay and Tony Payne, to set out jointly and succinctly the intellectual agenda of SPERI.

The ‘Great Uncertainty’ refers to the current era we live in, ‘shaped by a remarkable, and hugely, challenging, coalescence of three major processes of structural change occurring simultaneously and interacting in all manner of complicated ways’.

The first blog sets out the three important and inter-locking parts to the ‘Great Uncertainty’ as: ‘financial crisis’, ‘shifting economic power’ and ‘environmental threat’. The subsequent blogs will analyse further these three pillars of our uncertain time.

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