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[News] Read SPERI ‘Great Uncertainty’ series in the New Statesman

The recent series of SPERI Comment ‘Great Uncertainty’ blogs have been published weekly on the New Statesman website for five weeks with the final one published today. The series is an attempt by the two Directors, Colin Hay and Tony Payne, to set out jointly and succinctly the intellectual agenda of SPERI. You can read the five New Statesman articles below. This … Continue reading

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[Comment] Swopping conservatives

David Coates

American conservatism has shifted so far to the right we almost need a new term to describe it Watching David Cameron & Co. dealing with UKIP and the rise of Nigel Farage, it struck me again how much we are divided by a common language; and so how vital it is, if we are ever fully to understand our common … Continue reading

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[News] New international partnerships

We are pleased to announce that SPERI has developed a number of international partnerships with other comparable research centres and institutes across the globe. We are currently working in a variety of ways with four organisations: the Centre for Globalization and Development at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the Centre for International Political Economy at Peking University in China, … Continue reading

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[Comment] The power of banks

Government dependency upon the banks gives them huge political leverage How did we get to the massive public intervention in many countries during the banking crisis that started in 2008? When looking at the decisions and eventual costs of the bail-outs, the question on many people’s mind is: Why does finance have so much power? One of the most dramatic … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI events announced for the next academic year

We are delighted to announce three exciting events, and the dates and title of the next annual conference, all to take place during the next academic year. First in the SPERI Calendar is a seminar entitled ‘The Banking Crisis & the Future of Banking: Reflections from Three Key Insiders’. In this seminar, three key ‘insiders’ will give their views of the banking crisis and … Continue reading

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[Comment] Brazil’s mounting challenges: ‘The Giant has Awakened’

Giselle Datz

The approach of next year’s soccer World Cup is putting the spotlight on Brazil at a crucial moment in its development As many watched Neymar’s skilful moves during FIFA’s Confederations Cup last month, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians were engaged in protests across the country. What started as a movement against increases in transportation fares soon became a more ambitious … Continue reading

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[News] Congratulations ‘New Political Economy’

In the new 2013 Thomson Reuters Impact Factor Rankings, the journal New Political Economy is ranked 11th in Political Science and 7th in International Relations with an impact factor of 1.930. The journal New Political Economy was founded at the University of Sheffield in March 1996.  Its first issue stated that its aim was to ‘create a forum for work which … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Great Uncertainty: Thinking through questions of time

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

The global financial crisis, the shift in the global balance of economic power and the environmental threat have unfolded over very different time horizons, but they still come to a head at the same moment In the final post in this series about what we have called ‘The Great Uncertainty’ we seek to introduce to the discussion some questions about … Continue reading

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[Comment] New YouGov survey reports on the state of opinion in Britain

Austerity leaves citizens raging against the short-sighted, self-serving leadership provided by politicians Battered by the effects of austerity, citizens have not lost faith in the capacity of government to deliver but rather have become massively turned off by the short-sighted, self-serving leadership provided by politicians. As far as the public is concerned, politics is failing not because of the challenges … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Great Uncertainty: thinking through environmental threat

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

That we find ourselves in the environmental ‘red zone’ has profound implications for how we think about growth In the penultimate blog of this series we consider the third dimension of this era of ‘Great Uncertainty’, the profound environmental challenge we face.The story of our environmental crisis is the story of a series of symbolic breaches.  On 10th May this … Continue reading

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