Congratulations ‘New Political Economy’

New Political EconomyIn the new 2013 Thomson Reuters Impact Factor Rankings, the journal New Political Economy is ranked 11th in Political Science and 7th in International Relations with an impact factor of 1.930.

The journal New Political Economy was founded at the University of Sheffield in March 1996.  Its first issue stated that its aim was to ‘create a forum for work which combines the breadth of vision which characterised the classical political economy of the nineteenth century with the analytical advances of twentieth century social science’.  Tony Payne, one of SPERI’s Directors, was the first managing editor of New Political Economy and worked closely with Andrew Gamble, the Chair of SPERI’s International Advisory Board, and other University of Sheffield colleagues to build up the journal during the first decade of its existence.

At the beginning of 2011 Colin Hay, the other Director of SPERI, became the new Editor-in-Chief, succeeding Nicola Phillips, also of the University of Sheffield.  Tony and Andrew now sit on the International Advisory Board of New Political Economy.  The journal is administered by Gail Birkett and in an organisational sense runs entirely independently of SPERI. However, New Political Economy is nevertheless very much a part of the same intellectual project that animates SPERI.

Congratulations New Political Economy on these remarkable rankings!