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[News] David Marsh book launch postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances the SPERI Book Launch of Europe’s Deadlock by David Marsh has been postponed. The event which was set to take place on Thursday 7 November in Firth Hall will now take place at the same time of 18.00, on Wednesday 20 November in St George’s Church Lecture Theatre at the University of Sheffield. David Marsh CBE … Continue reading

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[Comment] The American student debt crisis: the next financial time bomb?

David Coates

Staggering levels of student debt are strangling the US economic recovery In an earlier SPERI comment, Johnna Montgomerie wrote persuasively of household debt being the silent dimension of the financial crisis afflicting both the British and the American economies, and treated that debt as the most telling consequence of the broken Anglo-liberal growth model. She is undoubtedly correct in writing … Continue reading

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[Comment] The politics of quantitative easing: ‘recovery’ through regressive redistribution

Jeremy Green

Neoliberal crisis responses in the Anglo-American economies have deepened inequality and divided society When financial markets stood on the verge of collapse in the summer of 2008, two of the world’s most important central banks, the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, began considering unorthodox policy measures. They turned to ‘Quantitative Easing’ (QE): injecting money into the economy … Continue reading

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[News] The arrival of SPERI Paper No.5 ‘The Great Uncertainty’

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the next SPERI paper ‘The Great Uncertainty’ by Colin Hay and Tony Payne, Directors of SPERI. The paper emerges out of a series of blogs that we jointly posted on SPERI Comment between 30 January and 18 July 2013. The blogs attracted substantial attention and were re-posted on the New Statesman website. In … Continue reading

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[Comment] Of ‘jobless recoveries’ and anti-social science

Stephanie Mudge

We need to build upon, not bury, our historical knowledge of the social world if we want to understand the politics of the recovery For most of us, the phrase ‘economic recovery’ might generate images of ‘help wanted’ ads, the unemployed happily returning to work, families thriving, and food on the table. But if you look at news on unemployment … Continue reading

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[News] Johnny Cameron, John Gieve & Paul Moore to give their insight in to the banking crisis in upcoming seminar

We’re delighted to announce an exciting SPERI seminar, which will take place at the University of Sheffield next month. In the event ‘The Banking Crisis and the Future of Banking: Reflections from Three Key Insiders’, banking experts Mr Johnny Cameron, Sir John Gieve and Mr Paul Moore will give their views of the banking crisis and the future of banking, … Continue reading

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[Comment] Mass Flourishing, or nostalgic nonsense?

Fred Block

Edmund Phelps’s new book ignores the key role that states play in making innovation happen Despite winning the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2006, Edmund Phelps has endeavoured to write a big and ambitious book—something like The Wealth of Nations for the 21st century.    Phelps hopes to offer a bold new answer to the big question of why some nations … Continue reading

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[Comment] Does Britain need to be pursuing a development strategy?

Tony Payne

Very few academics, journalists and politicians ever treat Britain’s economic problems as matters of failed or flawed development.  Perhaps they should? I’ve argued previously on these pages that ‘we are all developing countries now’.  If this claim is fair, then it must also apply to Britain.  Indeed, Britain can be said to be the first developing country, making what was … Continue reading

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[Comment] Stuck in dirty development

Hayley Stevenson

The G20 is stalling its commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, despite the need for immediate action Last week the world’s largest economies convened in the Russian city of St Petersburg in an effort to promote sustainable economic recovery and financial stability. This year’s G20 summit declaration reaffirmed the commitment to phase out inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels, but, … Continue reading

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[News] Welcome Craig Berry!

We would like to officially welcome Craig Berry to the SPERI team. Craig joined the team as a Research Associate this week. His project ‘Reorienting the British Growth Model’ will review, summarise and contribute further to literatures on national and regional investment banking, considering the relative merits of different national models and the role they have played in promoting export-led … Continue reading

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