Welcome Craig Berry!

Craig Berry
Craig Berry

We would like to officially welcome Craig Berry to the SPERI team. Craig joined the team as a Research Associate this week.

His project ‘Reorienting the British Growth Model’ will review, summarise and contribute further to literatures on national and regional investment banking, considering the relative merits of different national models and the role they have played in promoting export-led growth.

He will look at the literatures on the relative merits of public and private investment strategies, considering the extent to which the targeting of credit to support investment-led export growth might serve to suppress demand in the consumer economy by refocusing credit from consumer to commercial lines, and exploring in depth the range of industrial policies being pursued today in the world’s leading economies.

Craig joins SPERI from the TUC where he was the Pensions Policy Officer. Craig completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield in 2009.

Follow you can follow Craig on Twitter @craigpberry.

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