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[News] The Global Contours of Growth & Development Beyond the Crisis – Call for papers

In its first year SPERI Conference looked at the British growth crisis. Last year, it tackled Europe. This year it will take on the global political economy – focusing on the dynamics and patterns of the distribution of growth and development across with world. Plenary speakers include: Linda Weiss (University of Sydney), Tony Payne (University of Sheffield), Gregory Chin (York … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI Paper No.6 ‘The UK’s Innovation Deficit & How to Repair it’

SPERI Paper No.6. has now been published. The latest in the series – The UK’s Innovation Deficit & How to Repair it – is by Richard Jones, Professor of Physics and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation, here at the University of Sheffield. In the paper Richard highlights some concerning data about the UK’s poor investment record in research and innovation. You can read the … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Nobel Prize and the reproduction of economics orthodoxy

Matthew Watson

This year’s economics laureates reflect the narrow purview of the prize and the entrenchment of familiar but limited ways of thinking about economic life It is reasonably well known that the Nobel Prize in Economics is not a real Nobel Prize, being funded not by the original legacy but by the Swedish central bank.  Yet only real sticklers for detail … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Caribbean’s silent debt crisis

Gail Hurley

New policies are needed to break the cycle of debt dependency Sun, sea, sand, rum-punch, even reggae, these are the images that usually spring to mind when we think of the Caribbean islands. Less well-known is the profound sovereign debt crisis that many are currently experiencing. Indeed, for some, it has been a persistent and unresolved problem for well over … Continue reading

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[News] The British economy: a crisis of Anglo-liberal capitalism?

The first SPERI Palgrave pivot entitled ‘The Failure of Anglo-Liberal Capitalism‘ was written by SPERI Director Colin Hay and was published earlier this year. In the book he argues that the crisis is best seen as a crisis of and for growth and not as a crisis of debt, incurred in pursuit of an excessively liberalised Anglo-American form of capitalism. This growth model, … Continue reading

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[Comment] Placing bets on the climate

Jo Bates

Developments in ‘big data’ science and the weather risk industry are transforming the political economy of climate change The recent news story regarding Monsanto’s US$930million acquisition of the data science company, Climate Corporation, raises important questions about the form of political economy that is being developed in response to the challenge of climate instability. A new generation of data analytics … Continue reading

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[News] Tickets released for David Marsh book launch

Following the success of the first SPERI book launch of Capital by John Lanchester in February of this year, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be launching the paperback edition of Europe’s Deadlock: How the Euro Crisis could be solved – and why it won’t happen by David Marsh CBE (Chairman of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) and … Continue reading

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[Comment] US standoff was fallout from the financial crisis – and it’s not over

Stephanie Mudge

Deepening political divisions are threatening the health of Western democracies The recent political standoff that shut down the US government for 16 days and came uncomfortably close to the debt ceiling extension deadline is now thankfully over — for the moment. Given the current deal only extends the debt ceiling to February 7 (and the budget to January 15), it … Continue reading

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[News] Videos & photos from SPERI banking seminar

Thank you to all who attended the SPERI seminar ‘The Banking Crisis & The Future of Banking: Reflections from Three Key Insiders’ on Tuesday 15 October. In the event Professor Andrew Hindmoor (University of Sheffield) asked banking insiders Sir John Gieve (former Permanent Secretary for the Home Office and former Deputy Governor for Financial Stability at the Bank of England), … Continue reading

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[Comment] Precarious employment & the ‘recovery through regressive redistribution’

Scott Lavery

Proliferation of zero hours contracts is further entrenching Britain’s dysfunctional economic model The UK’s economy has recently shown signs of modest recovery, with growth in the previous quarter up by 0.7%. Some have argued that this belatedly justifies the coalition government’s austerity programme. But, precisely because some economic indicators suggest that the UK might be stuttering out of its deep … Continue reading

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