The British economy: a crisis of Anglo-liberal capitalism?

The Failure of Anglo-Liberal Capitalism
The Failure of Anglo-Liberal Capitalism

The first SPERI Palgrave pivot entitled ‘The Failure of Anglo-Liberal Capitalism‘ was written by SPERI Director Colin Hay and was published earlier this year.

In the book he argues that the crisis is best seen as a crisis of and for growth and not as a crisis of debt, incurred in pursuit of an excessively liberalised Anglo-American form of capitalism. This growth model, he argues, which threatened the entire world economy, is unsustainable and unstable,  and the broken model must be fixed.

The journal Renewal has now gathered several influential commentators to respond to Colin’s analysis. Tony Dolphin (Senior Economist & Associate Director for Economic Policy, IPPR), Hopi Sen (writer/blogger) Nicola Smith (Head of the Economic & Social Affairs Department at the TUC) and Peter Taylor-Gooby (Professor of Social Policy, University of Kent) all debate what is actually wrong with Britain’s economy in a fascinating roundtable discussion. After hearing their responses to the book, Colin then responds.

Read the debate: