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[News] SPERI Paper No.7 published today

Are We There Yet? Growth, rebalancing and the psuedo-recovery by SPERI Research Fellow Craig Berry – which exposes startling statistics behind the various claims of ‘recovery’ made by the Coalition government – is out today. Craig has been summarising various parts of the paper in a series of blog posts but you can read the full thing with all the nitty-gritty detail in the paper … Continue reading

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[Comment] Welcome to the pseudo-recovery

Craig Berry

UK investment and consumption performance demonstrates the frailty of the economic recovery The second estimate of GDP for the third quarter of 2013, published by the ONS this week, appears to confirm that the UK economy has returned to consistent growth. Yet the detailed breakdown of investment results paints an alarming picture of an unbalanced economy. Growth remains far too … Continue reading

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[News] Registration open for SPERI Conference 2014

Registration is now open for the next SPERI annual conference. ‘The Global Contours of Growth & Development Beyond the Crisis’ will take place from 30 June – 2 July 2014 at the recently transformed Halifax Hall, University of Sheffield. The 2014 SPERI conference seeks to take discussion of the political economy of the crisis beyond its British and European contexts to focus centrally … Continue reading

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[Comment] Social security in the cross-hairs

David Coates

The last remaining pillar of the New Deal era is increasingly endangered In the UK, pension reform is controversial enough, though it rarely occupies centre-stage for long and there is often common ground between the parties. In the US, by contrast, the reform of Social Security is a perennial political issue, and it is now heavily partisan in nature. The … Continue reading

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[News] Video of David Marsh book launch

Thank you to all of those who attended what turned out to be a very interesting and insightful book launch. For those of you who couldn’t make it, David Marsh (Financial Times journalist and Chairman of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF)) launched the paperback version of his book Europe’s Deadlock : How the Euro Crisis could be … Continue reading

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[Comment] Interrogating the ‘good news’ on employment

Craig Berry

Why the coalition government is wrong to consider the relatively high employment rate one of its main successes The good news is that the employment rate has grown to 71.7 per cent (all aged 16-64) in June-August 2013, up from 70.7 per cent when the coalition government took office. There are almost 700,000 more people in work. However, there are … Continue reading

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[Comment] ‘Civic Capitalism’: restoring democratic economic governance

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

We need to move on from the ideology that led us astray to a more consciously held, open-ended and dynamic ideology that asks not what we can do for the market but what the market can do for us Ideology, these days, is a bad word – never a term of self-description and only ever something others have.  Partly as … Continue reading

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[Comment] The ghost of Smoot-Hawley and the global trading system

Gabriel Siles-Brügge

Memories of the Great Depression haunt current debates about the role of trade in a post-crisis world Those interested in international trade politics these days might not expect the 1986 cult teenage comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to contain any valuable lessons. There is, however, one scene from the film that stands out in this regard. Ferris skips school to … Continue reading

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[News] What do food, construction and cannabis have in common?

A report by Genevieve Le Baron was published this week (on Monday 18th November) on the business of forced labour in the UK’s food, construction and cannabis industries by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The paper entitled Forced Labour’s Business Models & Supply Chains was launched yesterday at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation office in London, and has generated a wealth of publicity already. Genevieve … Continue reading

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[Comment] Export-led growth and the failure of economic rebalancing

Craig Berry

The trade deficit is growing – and the Transatlantic trade deal is unlikely to rectify this The Conservative Party’s general election manifesto could not have been clearer: ‘A sustainable recovery must be driven by growth in exports’. A preceding speech by George Osborne specified ‘net exports’, explaining that rising exports had to be matched by falling imports, as Britain once … Continue reading

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