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[News] New SPERI Paper – The Social Bases of Austerity

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the latest SPERI Paper The Social Bases of Austerity: European Tunnel Vision & the Curious Case of the Missing Left by Stephanie Mudge. Stephanie is a SPERI Research Fellow & Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California Davis. You can read the abstract and download the full paper, free, below. Abstract The … Continue reading

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[Comment] ‘Civic Capitalism’: a shared commitment to reduce inequality

Colin Hay and Tony Payne

We need to recognise that stable and sustainable capitalist development can only be built upon a broader, more equal, social base One of the few positive developments since the crisis has been the increased political salience of the question of pervasive inequality.  Once the almost exclusive preoccupation of critics of contemporary capitalism, it has more recently emerged as a no … Continue reading

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[Comment] Britain’s unreal recovery risks a very real economic crisis

Craig Berry

Investment and consumption performance demonstrates the frailty of the UK economy; the economic recovery is not yet secure The government has facilitated, at long last, a return to strong growth. But they have done so by ramping up the economic growth model that served Labour so well until 2008 – a model George Osborne had promised to dismantle. The pace … Continue reading

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[News] Thanks for attending ‘Andrew Haldane In Conversation’

It was another full house on Thursday 20 February, when Andrew Haldane (Executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England and University of Sheffield alumnus) returned to Sheffield. The audience at Firth Hall at the University of Sheffield listened intently to Professor Andrew Gamble (Chair of SPERI International Advisory Board and Professor of Politics at the University of Cambridge) engaging with Andrew … Continue reading

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[Comment] The unravelling of Chavismo?

Matthew Bishop

The unique experiment represented by the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela is potentially on the brink of a painful and protracted crisis One of the most difficult jobs we have as analysts of political economy is cutting through the fog of debates that are polarised between seemingly irreconcilable viewpoints.  The unfolding crisis in contemporary Venezuela presents us with just such a … Continue reading

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[News] Andrew Haldane In Conversation – tonight

At 6pm tonight Professor Andrew Gamble (University of Cambridge and Chair of SPERI International Advisory Board) will interview the ‘one to watch’ at the Bank of England – Andrew Haldane, Director of Financial Stability. The event, which will take place in Firth Hall, University of Sheffield, should be a full house. If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, please come … Continue reading

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[Comment] ‘Floating voters’, rules of rescue and the challenge to austerity discourse

Matt Wood

The onset of massive flooding is throwing up some uncomfortable challenges for the UK Coalition government’s austerity agenda Andrew Neil’s quip on Thursday night’s episode of This Week about the government’s concern for ‘floating voters’ in south-west England was among his best. Like a lot of good jokes, it resonates with an unacknowledged truth. This winter’s extraordinarily prolonged period of … Continue reading

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[News] Sterling depreciation & the UK trade balance

We’re pleased to announce that the highly anticipated second British Political Economy Brief in the series has now been published. The paper No.2. Sterling depreciation & the UK trade balance, by Craig Berry and Scott Lavery, considers the relationship between the relative value of sterling and the UK trade balance. When a country’s currency depreciates in value relative to its major competitors, its exports … Continue reading

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[Comment] Britain’s trade deficit persists in spite of sterling devaluation

Sterling’s falling value has not been exploited, exposing the coalition’s failure to rebalance the economy One of the professed goals of the coalition has been to ‘rebalance’ the UK economy away from debt-fuelled domestic consumption and into export-led growth.  Yet there is growing evidence that, in spite of a recent increase in growth and employment, the government is failing to … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI videos now on iTunes U

We’re pleased to announce that you will soon be able to download SPERI content including videos, podcasts, academic papers and policy briefs – free, on iTunes U. The University of Sheffield now has its own exciting iTunes U channel and SPERI is one of the first parts of the University to use the facility. The first video, of the SPERI … Continue reading

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