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[News] A very successful event with George Monbiot

On Tuesday 29th April SPERI hosted a fantastic annual lecture by George Monbiot, the journalist, writer and political activist. Over 1000 people packed the Octagon Centre and George did not disappoint, delivering a brilliant and inspirational talk. You can check the highlights of the evening and related tweets by typing #monbiotSPERI in the search box on twitter. The full video … Continue reading

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[Comment] Part of the problem or part of the solution? Migration as adaptation to climate change

Andrew Geddes

We need to begin thinking about migration as a response to the combined pressures of climate change and economic insecurity Can migration allow people in some of the poorest parts of the world to sustain their lives and livelihoods in the face of environmental and climate change?  Too often migration both within states and internationally is seen as a crisis, … Continue reading

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[News] New Handbook of International Political Economy Published

A new Handbook of the International Political Economy of Governance was published on April 25th by Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.  It was jointly edited by Tony Payne, one of SPERI’s Directors, and Nicola Phillips, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Sheffield. It is a huge work designed to be bought mainly by libraries as an up-to-date collection of … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Trans-Pacific Partnership – A Bridge Too Far?

Richard Stubbs

Differences between national capitalisms may mean that successful completion of the negotiations over TPP proves elusive Despite the positive spin that has accompanied negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), reaching an agreement that would satisfy all 12 partners was always going to be difficult. The differences to be bridged are considerable. The TPP originated with an agreement among four of … Continue reading

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[Comment] Counting the cost of the regressive recovery

Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery

The Coalition’s recovery has intensified deeply damaging distributional trends within Britain With GDP growth of 1.8 per cent in 2013, the growing consensus is that Britain’s long economic downturn has finally come to an end. Adding to this perception, last week wages outstripped inflation for the first time in over five years. These trends, along with positive employment figures, might … Continue reading

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[News] New SPERI Paper: Britain’s Post Crisis Political Economy: A ‘Recovery’ through Regressive Redistribution

We are very pleased that our latest paper by SPERI researchers Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery was covered in an article in Scotland’s Sunday Herald. The full version of the SPERI paper No. 11 is now available for download by clicking on the link below: SPERI Paper No. 11: Britain’s Post Crisis Political Economy: a ‘Recovery’ through Regressive Redistribution In … Continue reading

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[News] Craig Berry at the PSA conference

At the Political Studies Association conference yesterday in Manchester, Craig Berry was a member of the panel on the Politics of the Global Financial Crisis. He presented a paper on the pseudo-recovery and the politics of economic growth, entitled “I’ll know it when I see it: what does economic ‘rebalancing’ look like?“. Click here to view the highlights of the PSA … Continue reading

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[Comment] Asking the right questions

Fred Block

To get out of the crisis we need to think about radical reforms that produce a greener and more equitable form of capitalism ‘If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers’ (Thomas Pynchon) Since 2008 people have been asking whether capitalism can be reformed to eliminate dangerous financial speculation and the extreme … Continue reading

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[Comment] Paul Ryan as the Prince of Paupers

David Coates

The hard-nosed approach to poverty from the American Right is a threat to long-term democratic stability in the United States Given the scale and depth of poverty in the United States, it is not surprising that periodically debates about it should surface in Washington DC. What is more surprising is that the issue of poverty is not permanently centre-stage. It … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI researchers at the Foundation for European Studies (FEPS) in Brussels

SPERI researchers Scott Lavery and Jeremy Green were at an event from 3rd – 5th April hosted by the Foundation for European Studies (FEPS) in Brussels. Jeremy chaired a panel on finance and inequality, while Scott chaired a panel on labour rights. The event was part of their involvement with the FEPS Young Academics Network, an ongoing collaboration between young European academics who work to … Continue reading

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