Food bank provision & welfare reform in the UK

We are delighted to announce that the fourth British Political Economy Brief in the series has now been published.

‘Food bank provision and welfare reform in the UK’  is focused on the impact of recent welfare reform in the UK on driving need for food bank provision. It is based on research conducted as part of a three-year study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), into the growth of nationally co-ordinated or facilitated emergency food provision in the UK. This analysis is relevant to developing an understanding of the evolving boundaries of responsibility for welfare provision between state and civil society. The brief suggests that the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into hunger and food poverty should examine this issue closely, with a key emphasis on the fairness and adequacy of social protection. Welfare reform and the role it will leave for food banks should be examined by the Inquiry in terms of responsibility and be guided by the question of whose responsibility it is to protect people from hunger.

This brief has been authored by Hannah Lambie-Mumford, doctoral researcher in the University of Sheffield’s Department of Geography. You can download the brief below, and contact Hannah at

SPERI British Political Economy Brief No4 – Food bank provision & welfare reform in the UK [PDF 331KB]