New SPERI Paper: Britain’s Post Crisis Political Economy: A ‘Recovery’ through Regressive Redistribution

We are very pleased that our latest paper by SPERI researchers Jeremy Green and Scott Lavery was covered in an article in Scotland’s Sunday Herald.

The full version of the SPERI paper No. 11 is now available for download by clicking on the link below:

SPERI Paper No. 11: Britain’s Post Crisis Political Economy: a ‘Recovery’ through Regressive Redistribution

In this paper Green and Lavery question the foundations of Britain’s much-vaunted economic recovery. They argue that, acting in tandem, the impact of Quantitative Easing and key processes of labour market restructuring have made the burden of economic adjustment highly regressive, redistributing wealth upwards and privileging asset-holders. The present growth model must be reoriented towards a recovery that stops and then reverses this bias towards growth that benefits the few. This would involve a combination of fiscal and monetary policy measures alongside an effort to drive wage-led growth and lessen the dependence upon private household debt.