A very successful event with George Monbiot

George MonbiotOn Tuesday 29th April SPERI hosted a fantastic annual lecture by George Monbiot, the journalist, writer and political activist. Over 1000 people packed the Octagon Centre and George did not disappoint, delivering a brilliant and inspirational talk. You can check the highlights of the evening and related tweets by typing #monbiotSPERI in the search box on twitter. The full video of the talk will be available next week.

George deplored the lack of alternatives to neoliberalism and criticised those political parties that are trying to win arguments by adopting the values of others.
He argued that neo-liberalism was now seeking to embrace the commodification of nature which George described as an aberration. By endeavouring to harness the natural world in support of economic growth, we are destroying it in the process. The key to change, he suggested, is mobilisation through activism at local level before moving on to a national scale.

Visit our facebook page for photos of the event: https://www.facebook.com/SPERIshefuni