Confronting the Root Causes of Forced Labour in the Global Economy

On Monday 12 April SPERI hosted a seminar comprised of leading scholars and practitioners of forced labour from across the UK.  Opened by Professor Tony Payne (SPERI), and Chaired by Andrew Geddes (University of Sheffield), the panel was made up of: Aidan McQuade (Anti-Slavery International); Jean-Marie Kagabo (International Labour Organisation); Neil Howard (European University Institute) and Julia O’Connell Davidson (University of Nottingham).

The panelists articulated the need to address the systemic, political economic causes of forced labour, including poverty, coercive migration regimes, and the role of states and corporations in fostering the context in which forced labour can thrive.  The discussion focused around the prospects and limits of the Draft Modern Slavery Bill before the Parliament, and the need to go beyond current criminal justice approaches to addressing forced labour in the global economy.

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