SPERI Postgraduate Research Network Inaugural Event

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural event of the SPERI Postgraduate Network will take place on Wednesday 28th May in the ICOSS boardroom between 3pm and 5pm.

Richard Woodward, visiting research fellow at SPERI, will give a presentation on ‘Offshore Finance and its Critics’.

The presentation is intended for an inter-disciplinary audience and the goal will be to encourage an open discussion on the moral, political, geographical and economic issues which emerge with respect to off-shore finance. We therefore encourage PhD research students with a broad interest in political economy to attend the event.

For further details please contact one of the SPERI PGR coordinators listed below or Laure Astill, SPERI administrator at speri@sheffield.ac.uk.

Adam Barber: abarber1@sheffield.ac.uk

Dan Bailey: daniel.bailey@sheffield.ac.uk

Scott Lavery: scott.lavery@sheffield.ac.uk

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