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[News] The New Statesman SPERI Prize for Political Economy

The New Statesman and the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) at the University of Sheffield are delighted to announce that they have joined in partnership to establish ‘The New Statesman SPERI Prize for Political Economy’. The Prize will be awarded biennially, starting in 2014, to the scholar who has succeeded most effectively over the preceding two or three years … Continue reading

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[News] New Book by SPERI Advisory Board Chair Professor Andrew Gamble

Today sees the publication of Crisis Without End?: The Unravelling of Western Prosperity by Professor Andrew Gamble. The work is a major reassessment of the 2008 financial crash – showing that it was no ordinary crisis, but the harbinger of a much deeper convulsion comparable to past crises of capitalism. Andrew Gamble looks to the future at a world where the … Continue reading

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[Comment] Closing the gender pay gap

The inclusion of more women in the labour market is insufficient by itself to guarantee women’s empowerment Over the course of the past 40 years more and more women have moved into paid employment. The gap between men and women in work has shrunk dramatically since the 1970s with figures from the Office for National Statistics showing that men are … Continue reading

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[News] Visiting Fellows meet Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council

On Tuesday 24 June, John Mothersole the Chief Executive of the Council received SPERI Visiting Fellows Professor Wang Yong and Professor Gregory Chin. The discussion focused on the powers of the Council and its role in the economic development of the region. Professor Wang from Peking University and Professor Chin from York University Toronto were very interested to hear about … Continue reading

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[Comment] The ‘national interest’ test in the Pfizer – Astra Zeneca takeover bid

Valbona Muzaka

Patients and taxpayers should be central to any decision about the future of the pharmaceutical sector Pfizer’s withdrawal of its offer to buy AstraZeneca on Monday 26th May brought to a close a highly-politicised takeover proposal that could have been the largest foreign takeover in British business history. The political storm surrounding the bid was not surprising. Governments everywhere, even … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI welcomes Visiting Fellows from Australia, China and Canada

We are delighted to welcome Professor Linda Weiss, Professor John Mathews, Professor Wang Yong and Professor Gregory Chin. Their visit will culminate with the SPERI Conference on Global Growth and Development taking place on 30 June, 1-2 July at Halifax Hall. On Wednesday 25th June, Prof John Mathews will be discussing ‘The Greening of Capitalism, 1-2pm. Click here for more information   On Wednesday … Continue reading

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[News] The Broomhill Festival welcomes SPERI researchers

On Thursday 19th June, SPERI successfully hosted a public engagement workshop as part of the annual Broomhill Festival. SPERI researchers Dr Craig Berry and Scott Lavery addressed a lively, local audience on the topic of ‘Austerity, Economic Rebalancing and Sheffield’. They were joined by Dr Kate Dommett, Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics in the Department of Politics, and … Continue reading

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[Comment] In fear of Flash Crashes: stock market wobbles past and present

Matthew Watson

The new era of high-frequency trading threatens our future prosperity Twelve years, so it seems, is a long time in the history of stock market wobbles. The elements of intermittent precipitous price plunges might always stay the same, but the causes are different, as are the implications for the economy. This, at any rate, appears to be the main finding … Continue reading

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[Comment] The CGIAR: the most important international organisation you’ve never heard of?

This little-known organisation is at the forefront of efforts to alleviate hunger and end poverty  Recently, the Economist carried a briefing on the ‘new green revolution’ in which it highlighted the work being done by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) to develop new strains of rice that can be grown under changing climatic conditions. IRRI is one of 15 … Continue reading

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[News] The Evolution of the UK Tax Base: New SPERI Brief

We are pleased to announce that the fifth British Political Economy Brief in the series has now been published. In this Brief the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) considers the changing tax base of the UK state. Taxation takes many different forms, encompassing progressive taxes such as income tax, regressive taxes such as Value Added Tax, and taxes targeted on private enterprises … Continue reading

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