Good start for the SPERI Postgraduate Network

On Wednesday 28th May, the SPERI PGR Network held its inaugural event in ICOSS. A group of over 20 postgraduate researchers from across the university – including students from History, Town and Regional Planning, Politics, English Literature, Management and the Law School – met to discuss the theme of tax havens in the UK and beyond. Richard Woodward, visiting research fellow at SPERI, gave a lively presentation on ‘Offshore finance and its critics’ and a good discussion followed.

Key questions which emerged were: Are tax havens inevitable or contestable? How does the complexity of offshore finance undermine some of the epistemological claims made by mainstream economics? Which political interests have promoted tax havens? How might tax havens be morally challenged?

The SPERI PGR network will be running more Events|News shortly, and aims to engage with as many PGRs from across the university as possible with an interest in political economy.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to us at