Research Seminar: ‘How Many Ukraines?’ with Dr Peter Rodgers

How many Ukraines? What does the current political crisis mean for Russia and the West?

This seminar led by Dr Rodgers will seek to fully understand the current political crisis in Ukraine by taking into account the fact that Ukraine comprises a mosaic of overlapping forms of ethnic, linguistic and regional diversity.

Whilst much media coverage has focused on the ‘west-east’ divide in Ukraine, the seminar will argue that Ukraine’s regions’ individual historical experiences of playing roles in a variety of different imperial projects has shaped and continue to shape the current geopolitical orientations of individual regions and the country as a whole. Kyiv needs to foster a meaningful political project which strives to ‘create unity out of diversity’, accommodating desires to ‘Europeanise’ Ukraine, with simultaneous desires to maintain close links with Russia.

Issues covered include:

– Role of key  actors in the current crisis including Russia and the West
– Role of key Ukrainian oligarchs
– Impact of the potential forthcoming crisis of Russian gas supply through Ukraine on European energy security

This research seminar will take place on the 18th June between 12.30pm and 2pm at the Sheffield University Management School.

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