New Publication: The Power of Finance: Before and After the Great Financial Crash

CUP_G&O_150We are pleased to announce a new SPERI publication – a special issue of the journal Government & Opposition entitled ‘The Power of Finance: Before and After the Great Financial Crash’. It has been edited by Professor Michael Moran of the University of Manchester and Professor Tony Payne of SPERI.

This collection of papers emerged out of a workshop jointly organised by SPERI and the Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) of the University of Manchester held in Sheffield in May 2013. It opens with an introduction by Moran and Payne entitled ‘Neglecting, Rediscovering and Thinking Again about Power in Finance’.

The other papers included are as follows:

‘The Ideational Shaping of State Power and Capacity: Winning Battles but Losing the War over Bank Reform in the US and UK’ by Stephen Bell & Andrew Hindmoor

‘Political Economy and Political Power: The American State and Finance in the Neoliberal Era’ by Leo Panitch & Sam Gindin

‘Power, Politics and the City of London after the Great Financial Crisis’ by Sukhdev Johal, Michael Moran and Karel Williams

‘Bank Rescue Schemes in Continental Europe: The Power of Collective Inaction’ by Cornelia Woll

‘State-driven in Boom and Bust: Structural Limitations of Financial Power in Greece’ by George Pagoulatos

‘Varieties of Power in Latin American Pension Finance: Pension Fund Capitalism, Developmentalism and Statism’ by Giselle Datz

‘Coalitional Dynamics, Power Structure and Financial Markets in East Asia’ by Xiaoke Zhang

‘Innovations, Fragility and Complexity: Understanding the Power of Finance’ by Anastasia Nesvetailova

Each paper can be accessed and downloaded from the Cambridge University Press website