Visiting Fellows meet Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council

On Tuesday 24 June, John Mothersole the Chief Executive of the Council received SPERI Visiting Fellows Professor Wang Yong and Professor Gregory Chin.

John MothersoleThe discussion focused on the powers of the Council and its role in the economic development of the region. Professor Wang from Peking University and Professor Chin from York University Toronto were very interested to hear about the role of Sheffield City Council in providing the leading vision for the economic and social development for the local region, including its work with 9 other local councils, and with national authorities, to coordinate the overall agenda for local growth, moving forward.  The SPERI Visiting Fellows learned about some of the strategies that Sheffield has developed to respond to the challenges of the 2007-08 global financial crisis, and to drive urban and industrial transformation, and sustainable growth more broadly in the local area.  Particularly useful was the discussion about the local efforts to foster the enabling environment for sustainable jobs – and how this element also contributes to the broader national goal of rebalancing the economy.

John Mothersole and Laurie Brennan, Policy and Improvement Officer, covered a wide range of issues including HS2, the importance of advanced manufacturing in Sheffield, an atmosphere of global interconnection in the local area, and the ownership of Intellectual property in the Sheffield area. All in all a very valuable meeting for our Visiting Professors.