New Book by SPERI Advisory Board Chair Professor Andrew Gamble

crisis_without_end_150Today sees the publication of Crisis Without End?: The Unravelling of Western Prosperity by Professor Andrew Gamble.

The work is a major reassessment of the 2008 financial crash – showing that it was no ordinary crisis, but the harbinger of a much deeper convulsion comparable to past crises of capitalism.

Andrew Gamble looks to the future at a world where the old western international order has been weakened  and the path to a new era of prosperity depends on a political will, so far notable by its absence at all levels, without which there is little prospect of escape from a future of crisis without end.

“Undoubtedly the best book I have read on the crisis – seamlessly drawing together analytical insights from a wonderfully rich career. This is essential reading for all those who have lived through the crisis and especially for those who would claim to be leading us out of it. Its central message and clear warnings are simply too important to be ignored.”
– Colin Hay, Sciences Po, Paris

“Anyone who thinks this is a revised version of Andrew’s brilliant The Spectre at the Feast is mistaken. It is a completely new book, breathtaking in its sweep, original in its argument and quite masterly in its control of complex material”
– Tony Payne, SPERI, Sheffield

“Andrew Gamble’s contribution to the study of political economy is second to none. Crisis Without End? is a crowning achievement: wise, pellucid and challenging. Gamble is no Doctor Pangloss, but he shows that, given courage and skill, we can master Events|News instead of allowing them to master us.”
– David Marquand, Oxford University