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[Comment] The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Yong Wang and Gregory Chin

Prospects for a China-led Institution In October 2013 China’s new political leadership announced its proposal to create a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). While the international media have come to this story recently, authorities in Beijing have been mulling over China-led regional investment arrangements for Asia for at least five years.  They are aware of the global gap in … Continue reading

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[Comment] The future of US techno-hegemony

Linda Weiss

Why and how ‘financialisation’ threatens innovation and enterprise in America Inc. It’s well known that the United States has led the world in breakthrough innovations. Think computers and software, aeronautics and communication satellites, biotechnology and the internet, to name a few.  Almost every radical innovation that we can think of in the postwar period has come out of the United … Continue reading

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[News] The Jury for The New Statesman SPERI Prize for Political Economy is Announced

The New Statesman and the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) at the University of Sheffield are delighted to announce the names of the members of the Jury which will choose the first winner of ‘The New Statesman SPERI Prize for Political Economy’. The Prize was announced last month and will be awarded biennially, starting in 2014, to the scholar … Continue reading

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[Comment] What’s really at stake in the renationalisation of the railways?

Jeremy Green

Renationalisation might spook big business but it represents a welcome injection of legitimacy into a maligned public sphere The state of Britain’s railways has long been a bee in the public bonnet.  There are very good reasons for this preoccupation.  Ever since the decision to privatise the railways in 1993, costs have spiralled amidst a general perception that the quality … Continue reading

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[Comment] The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the changing fault-lines in global trade politics

Gabriel Siles-Brügge

New conflicts and controversies are emerging as the remit of trade liberalisation broadens The stakes are high in the current EU-US free trade talks. The ambition stated by negotiators is that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will eliminate many of the remaining barriers to the free flow of goods and services between both partners, creating ‘a more integrated … Continue reading

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[News] First videos of the SPERI Annual Conference now available

Videos of the first plenary session available below. Professor Linda Weiss: The U.S. and Enterprise Engine: Built by the National Security State, Threatened by Financialisation David Hudson: The Changing Politics of Global Development Architectures (click here to access the pdf of the presentation) Professor Teddy Brett: Responding to International Inequality and the Global Crisis (click here to access the pdf of the presentation)

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[Comment] What does the Ukraine crisis mean for Russia and the West?

Peter Rodger

Caught in a balancing act, Ukraine’s new leadership faces tough political and economic choices In November 2013 Ukraine rejected the signing of a European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA).  Since then, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has left Ukraine in a quickly organised referendum with strong backing from Moscow.  Such an outcome has been cheered in Moscow and created outcry in … Continue reading

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[News] New SPERI brief on Local authority spending cuts and the 2014 English local elections

We are very pleased to publish our latest brief: Local authority spending cuts and the 2014 English local elections. In this Brief the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) considers the variable impact of local authority spending cuts across England, with reference to differences based on regional location, levels of deprivation and the political composition of councils. It also considers evidence … Continue reading

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[Comment] Economics and the gathering storm

David Coates

Progressives need to stand up and be counted in the struggle against creeping free-market orthodoxy One lesson that you learn the hard way in American politics is that it is always a mistake to think that, from a progressive point of view, things are so bad that they can’t get any worse. You only have to think it before the … Continue reading

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[News] Speri PhD researcher Scott Lavery at the Renner Institut in Vienna

SPERI PhD researcher Scott Lavery recently attended the Foundation for European Progressive Studies Young Academics Network (FEPS YAN) at the Renner Institut in Vienna. He became part of a working group which will look into the restructuring of European labour markets in the post-crisis period. The research question will be: “How should socialists respond to the emergent post-crisis labour market … Continue reading

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