The SPERI Annual Conference 2014

SPERI is taking stock of three days of intense debates on issues affecting the global political economy. Over 50 experts from all over the world (including Australia, Canada,  China, Korea, Turkey, Greece, Nigeria, Ecuador, Denmark, Iceland, Germany) presented papers covering a wide range of subjects on Global Growth and Development attempting to give responses to the global crisis. The papers were divided into fifteen panels, on subjects such as global governance, resource-led development, the political economy of Latin America and developmental states beyond East Asia. The discussions took place in the beautiful setting of Halifax Hall.

Professor Linda Weiss from the University of Sydney opened the first session with a presentation on the fragile state of innovation in the United States. This was followed by talks on global inequality by Dr David Hudson from UCL and Professor Teddy Brett from the London School of Economics.

The plenary session on China in the New Political Economy, with Professor Wang from the University of Peking, Professor Chin from the University of York, Toronto and Professor John Mathews from Macquarie University in Sydney, led to a very lively Q&A session on the role of China in the global political economy.

Professor Craig Murphy delivered a pre-dinner talk on Further Lessons of the ‘Good’ Crisis in Africa and the BRICS.

The final plenary session offered a very interesting talk by Professor Raphael Kaplinsky on Productive Sector Policies and Differentiated Global Value Chains.

The presentations delivered in the plenary sessions will be available online soon.

You can view photos of the conference on our facebook page.