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[Comment] Nigeria’s flawed development

Ejike Udeogu

The low rate of profit attributable to real production is at the heart of the country’s longstanding growth and development problems Nigeria’s story of development is an interesting one, and not sufficiently told or understood outside of Nigeria and Africa more generally.  In the 1970s its government pursued the conventional import-substitution industrialisation strategy of that time.   The exchange policy adopted … Continue reading

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[News] Hannah Lambie-Mumford to be based in Speri from September 1st

We are very pleased that Hannah Lambie-Mumford is joining us to be based in SPERI from next Monday. Hannah is a Faculty of Social Sciences Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Her research focuses on food poverty, the rise of emergency food provision and the right to food. Hannah has previously worked at the universities of Warwick and Coventry and … Continue reading

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[Comment] What does China’s renewable energy revolution mean?

John Mathews

Solar, wind and other renewable sources are now starting to offer a genuine, cost-effective alternative to complete reliance on fossil fuels China is known as the world’s largest user and producer of coal and the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  But China is also building the world’s largest renewable energy system – which by 2013 … Continue reading

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[News] Videos of the plenary session on China now online

The videos are now online from our plenary session on ‘China in the New Political Economy’ which took place at the SPERI 2014 Annual Conference in July at Halifax Hall. The titles link to the pdf version of the talk. Professor Wang Yong (University of Peking): China and Global Economic Rebalancing: Perception, Policy and Implication to China’s Participation in Global Governance (PDF) … Continue reading

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[Comment] Chávez vs UKIP? How Latin America has reinvigorated the European left

Asa Cusack

Radical left parties, Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain, did well in the recent European elections.  But how far can they go?  And what are the lessons for the UK? The numbers speak for themselves.  Though currently in opposition, both its plurality in European elections and recent polling suggest that Syriza (Coalition of the Radical Left) will soon become … Continue reading

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[Comment] What is Labour’s narrative?

Matthew Bishop

Without an effective story about the past, the present and the future, Labour will be unable to shape a new British political economy grounded in fairness After four years of the most radical Conservative government in living memory, many genies are out of bottles, much damage has been done, and we are still only in Act One of the play. … Continue reading

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[Comment] Argentina’s latest ‘default’: it’s all in the contract!

Giselle Datz

International litigation instills yet more ‘ad hocery’ in the increasingly tricky debt game A few days ago, on 1 August, credit rating agencies downgraded Argentine bonds to ‘selective default’. The country’s creditors, who accepted both the 2005 and 2010 debt restructurings that followed the 2001 default, had not received their interest payments on the expected date (30 June 2014). But … Continue reading

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[News] The Pricing of Everything by George Monbiot published by SPERI

George Monbiot’s lecture published in the Guardian on July 24th is now available as SPERI Paper No. 15.   The talk was given in April 2014 for the SPERI Annual Lecture to a full house of 1200 people; the lecture retains its power and impact in written form and bears re-reading as well for those who attended. The lecture is … Continue reading

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