Two contrasting views on the Scottish Referendum from SPERI

The campaign on the  Scottish Referendum has increased in intensity on both sides. For the first time the ‘yes’ has overtaken the ‘no’ in the polls. In an interview for BBC Warwick/Conventry on Tuesday 9 September Scott Lavery explains some of the reasons behind the shift of support towards the ‘yes’ campaign. You can listen to him here one hour and 54 minutes into the programme.

Differences in views are reflected within the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute:

We published on Tuesday Craig’s Berry’s comment: Scotland can do better than ‘tartanised’ neoliberalism

We are publishing today a response from Scott Lavery to Craig Berry: ‘Tartan neoliberalism’ isn’t driving the campaign for Scottish independence

Watch the short video below with Craig Berry and Scott Lavery giving their views on why Scotland should stay or leave the Union.