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[Comment] Devolution and the silence of political economy

Craig Berry

The shallowness of the UK debate on devolution demonstrates the new marginalisation of political economy in public discourse Political economy as a field of study seeks to explore the real world of economic organisation, looking beyond the market metaphor and the price mechanism, to examine how power dynamics contained in social and political relations shape economic life, and vice versa. … Continue reading

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[News] New SPERI Brief: Inequality and class prejudice in an age of austerity

A new SPERI brief published today shows that welfare reform reinforces growing class prejudice reminiscent of Victorian era. It presents research by Professor Gill Valentine which shows that British society is becoming increasingly intolerant of unemployed people and other disadvantaged groups, with a growing sense that unemployment is caused by individuals’ personal failings, rather than by structural problems in the economy. … Continue reading

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[Comment] The American economy at mid-term

David Coates

The numbers don’t reflect the reality and give no cause for crowing over the Eurozone It is mid-term season in America: time for the Administration to talk up the strengths of the economy.  The President did so a week ago, wanting ‘people to know that there are some really good things happening in America’.  And, since in economic terms it … Continue reading

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[Comment] Dilma Rousseff’s development dilemma

Jewellord Nem Singh

Can a fourth victory for the Workers’ Party secure Brazil’s state capitalism? Brazilians voted yesterday (26 October) for the incumbent Dilma Rousseff, securing the Workers’ Party (PT) its fourth electoral victory. In a very tight race with Aecio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PDSB), Rousseff won by a three per cent margin, indicating the fragility of her victory … Continue reading

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[News] Just published: SPERI Paper No.16 on Credit Rating Agencies

Credit rating agencies are poorly understood institutions and thus far efforts to govern them through rule-making have been ineffective. In this paper, Timothy Sinclair and Ginevra Marandola argue attention to rules governing behaviour is actually mistaken when it comes to finance and rating agencies. The global financial crisis occurred not because of rule-breaking but because some relatively simple but crucial … Continue reading

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[News] SPERI is recruiting a Research Associate

SPERI wishes to recruit an exceptional Research Associate from 1 January 2015 until 31 December 2016 to work on a new research programme described below: Shifting Economic Power and Global Governance One of SPERI’s key research areas is the impact of shifting economic power within the current global order. Often, this is simplified as either the decline of the West … Continue reading

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[Comment] Ed Miliband’s economic problems: an issue of communication or substance?

The Labour leader needs to simplify his message and make it more combative As party conference season comes to a close in Britain, Ed Miliband has come under fire for forgetting to mention the deficit in his closing speech. This omission, although embarrassing, should not, however, be taken as wholesale neglect of the economy.  There is more to the economy … Continue reading

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[News] Video highlights from Reporting the (Political?) Economy

If you have missed last week’s SPERI event with Aditya Chakrabortty, Frances Coppola, Paul Mason and Sarah O’Connor, the highlights are now available online. You can also see photos of the event on our facebook page.

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[Comment] The rule of law and the common sense of global politics

Christopher May

The conventional wisdom on the value of the rule of law actually masks uncertainty about its purpose and beneficiaries The rule of law is often presented as preferable to the rule of men or the rule of force.  Indeed, in the last couple of decades it has become a central part of the ‘common sense’ of global politics – an … Continue reading

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[News] New Honorary Research Fellows at SPERI

We are very pleased that Stephanie Mudge and Jeremy Green who left SPERI in June and August respectively have been made Honorary Research Fellows. Stephanie Mudge is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Davis. Her forthcoming book, tentatively titled Neoliberal Politics, offers a sociological perspective on the sources and effects of the rise of market-friendly politics in Western democracies, … Continue reading

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