Genevieve LeBaron edits New OpenDemocracy site, ‘Beyond Trafficking and Slavery’

Dr. LeBaron is guest editing the front page of the online ‘digital commons’ openDemocracy this week to introduce a new editorial partnership, Beyond Trafficking and Slavery , to which she will serve as Contributing Editor.

Founded by Dr. LeBaron and Dr. Neil Howard of the European University Institute, Beyond Trafficking and Slavery is a new editorial partnership between openDemocracy and researchers from Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe. The partnership brings together academics, activists and citizens to explore and illuminate the root causes and consequences of forced labour, human trafficking, and modern slavery in our societies, and to advocate for substantive solutions to them.  It will serve as a ‘hub’ for cutting-edge research, insights, and best practices from scholars and practitioners.  Read more about the project’s goals here.

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