Reporting the (Political?) Economy event a great success

Reporting the (Political?) EconomySPERI hosted a thoroughly enjoyable event last night with Aditya Chakrabortty, Frances Coppola, Paul Mason and Sarah O’Connor.

The four eminent journalists all responded in their own distinctive way to the three discussion questions that Tony Payne presented to them:

1. Where did you learn your economics and do you need to be a trained economist to be a good economics journalist?

2. What do you think is the core of the role of the economics journalist and, in particular, what are the challenges involved in making sense of economic issues to citizens?

3. What do you try to bring to your economic journalism that is distinctive and have you found covering the post-2008 crisis different from more routine economic journalism?

After being introduced by Professor Peter Cole, they each gave a very personal account of their experiences in reporting economic issues and how they ended doing so when none of them had actually studied economics. It became clear as the evening went on that reporting the economy definitely meant reporting the political economy.

Video of the event will be available next week. You can see the live tweets on @SPERIshefuni and the highlights of the night on storify:

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