New Honorary Research Fellows at SPERI

We are very pleased that Stephanie Mudge and Jeremy Green who left SPERI in June and August respectively have been made Honorary Research Fellows.

Stephanie MudgeStephanie Mudge is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Davis. Her forthcoming book, tentatively titled Neoliberal Politics, offers a sociological perspective on the sources and effects of the rise of market-friendly politics in Western democracies, focusing on the programmes of centre-left parties in the 1990s (the ‘third way’ phenomenon).

Her work seeks to shed light on specific dilemmas of present-day governance: how modern political authority has been built on the back of scientific authority, how those processes have fed into the current political and economic moment, and why in recent decades the relationship between politics and scientific knowledge has shown signs of strain.  One of the implications of her work is that, while today’s politics require scientific input, the relationship between politics and science is variable, fragile, and – under certain conditions – can generate alienated publics, disconnected political leadership, and a narrowing of political capacity to anticipate, interpret, and respond to crises.

Jeremy GreenJeremy Green is Lecturer in Politics at the University of Bristol since September 2014. His research interests are broadly concerned with political economy and international historical sociology. His doctoral thesis explored the way in which the dominant configuration of institutional power within Britain; the nexus between the City, Treasury and Bank of England, has been articulated within a broader context of Anglo-American development. During his postdoctoral studies, his research turned towards the global financial crisis of 2007/8 and its impact upon Britain’s socio-economic development, with particular regard to the political economy of finance and central banking.  Jeremy is co-editor of the forthcoming Palgrave volume on The British Growth Crisis which is being published in the SPERI series.

We are publishing his blog today on Global currency shifts and the City of London. He is one of the organisers of the forthcoming workshop on the City’s role within Britain’s Political Economy which will take place at CITYPERC on 5th November.

We are delighted that our new Honorary Research Fellows will maintain close links with SPERI and we look forward to future collaborations.