SPERI/CITYPERC Workshop on ‘Capital Divided’

City of London.SPERI co-hosted a very successful event at City University PERC yesterday entitled ‘Capital Divided: The City Of London and the future of the British Economy’.

One panel, which included SPERI honorary research fellows Helen Thompson and Jeremy Green, analysed the changing position of the City of London in relation to contemporary international monetary politics. While Helen looked at the implications for the City of a British exit from Europe, Jeremy traced the growing links between the City and Chinese currency.

Other eminent panelists and contributors included Ronen Palan (City), Leila Talani (Kings) Andrew Gamble (SPERI), Leo Panitch (York) and Gary Dymski (Leeds).

SPERI Research Fellow Craig Berry presented a paper on pension funds & asset  management: full version of his paper is available here.

A number of themes emerged throughout the workshop, including the question of the UK’s ‘finance curse’, the enduring role of the City as an international commercial hub and ‘entrepôt’, as well as the relation between the City and domestic industry in the UK.

The event was followed by a roundtable discussion which included economist and activist Ann Pettifor of PRIME economics.