New Statesman Prize for Political Economy Reviewed

Mariana MazzucatoSummit Mishra wrote an article published today in Livemint entitled ‘The economist who beat Thomas Piketty‘.  He described the origins of the New Statesman SPERI Prize for Political Economy and highlighted the fact that the short-list contained Thomas Piketty.  But he noted, with interest, that Piketty had not won and that the Prize had instead been awarded to Mariana Mazzucato, whom he described as ‘a lesser-known academic’.   Yet Mishra went on: ‘Like Piketty, who has challenged conventional economic wisdom on inequality, Mazzucato, too, has challenged mainstream economic thought on entrepreneurship and innovation’.  Mazzucato’s research shows that the credit for many important innovations in society goes as much to the public sector as to private firms.

Professor Mazzucato will deliver a lecture titled “Smart growth: an innovative way to tackle inequality” at the Emmanuel Centre in London at 6.30pm on Thursday 13 November.

The lecture is free but places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis – please register here.