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[News] Have a very SPERI Xmas!

The last post of 2014 appeared yesterday on SPERI Comment: the political economy blog.  The blog will resume life during the first working week of the New Year and will begin with an important analysis of the current position of global trade governance. SPERI has had another busy year and we have produced a short 2014 Xmas Newsletter, which can … Continue reading

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[Comment] Locating Naomi Klein in the political economy of climate change

Martin Craig

She sits somewhat uneasily between ecological Marxists and pro-market ecological economists Naomi Klein’s new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, offers a distinctive political economy perspective on the slow rate of policy responses to the scientific consensus that emissions of greenhouse gasses must be reduced if hazardous and irreversible changes to the earth’s climate are to be avoided.  … Continue reading

22 December 2014 by
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[News] Edited extract of Mariana Mazzucato’s lecture published in the New Statesman

The New Statesman publishes today an edited extract from the New Statesman SPERI Prize lecture delivered by Mariana Mazzucato last month in London: ‘Smart growth: an innovative way to tackle inequality’. Mariana won the the inaugural award of this prize for Political Economy, given for her work on smart growth and the entrepreneurial state. In the published extract Mariana revisits the success of the … Continue reading

18 December 2014 by
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[Comment] The City of London and Britain’s uneven development

Jeremy Green

If the City’s prosperity is not made to work for all, then the break-up of Britain may be unavoidable We need to talk about the City of London.  It is driving some of the most damaging trends in Britain today.  Think of the staggeringly uneven distribution of wealth and income and the spatial contours on to which this is mapped. … Continue reading

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[Comment] Reducing hunger in the UK

Hannah Lambie-Mumford

In an important month for food poverty action has been promised, but the policy problem is still unclear The last month has been a seminal one for bringing forward new evidence and generating possible policy responses concerning the problem of rising levels of hunger in the UK.  In November, some of the most powerful and high profile voices in anti-poverty … Continue reading

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[Comment] The changing political economy of oil

Tony Payne

The recent big fall in price creates some space for new thinking, but also poses questions to which we don’t have answers The price of oil has been falling.  Last Friday the price of a barrel of Brent crude, the standard benchmark, dropped to US$61.85, its lowest figure since July 2009.  It was as high as US$115 in June this … Continue reading

16 December 2014 by
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[Comment] Big houses, hotels and increasingly expensive gorillas!

Pritish Behuria and Tom Goodfellow

The vision of a service-sector led ‘developmental state’ drives the government of Rwanda, but is proving hard to sustain Amid stories of ‘Africa Rising’, the idea of the developmental state is receiving attention again.  The concept was coined by Chalmers Johnson in his study of Japanese industrial policy.  It was later applied to a range of East Asian countries, each … Continue reading

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[News] Hannah Lambie-Mumford gives evidence at the second hearing of the Fabian Society’s Food and Poverty Commission

SPERI research fellow Hannah Lambie-Mumford was an expert witness yesterday at the second hearing of the Fabian Society’s Food and Poverty Commission. The session, focused on ‘context and access’, looked at the contexts in which food practices occur including access to food, culture and marketing. Hannah gave evidence related specifically to issues of food access. Presenting findings from previous research, … Continue reading

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[Comment] Global capitalism and the rule of law

Robbie Pye

Christopher May bridges the disciplinary divide between law and political economy to deliver a clear and compelling account of the idea of the rule of law in global politics The ‘rule of law’ has become increasingly frequent and unquestioned in the lexicon of global politics.  Yet, as Christopher May points out in The Rule of Law: The Common Sense of … Continue reading

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[Comment] The problem with Osborne’s new annual tax summaries

Liam Stanley

They foster an imagined community of ‘taxpayers’ and subvert the collective identity that should underpin tax From late November onwards, the British weekday breakfast ritual faces yet another distraction.  People up and down the country will get to enjoy their cornflakes alongside the arrival of a letter from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  Rather than demanding more money or offering … Continue reading

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