Edited extract of Mariana Mazzucato’s lecture published in the New Statesman

Mariana Mazzucato

The New Statesman publishes today an edited extract from the New Statesman SPERI Prize lecture delivered by Mariana Mazzucato last month in London: ‘Smart growth: an innovative way to tackle inequality’. Mariana won the the inaugural award of this prize for Political Economy, given for her work on smart growth and the entrepreneurial state.

In the published extract Mariana revisits the success of the iphone, debunking the public versus private sector myth. Without public funding the iphone would be never have been created so why is this not acknowledged by Apple? She argues that to tackle inequality policymakers must rethink the received wisdom on how to generate value and wealth creation in the first place, beginning with viewing the state as a market-maker, not merely as a fixer.

Read the full extract here.

Information about the New Statesman SPERI Prize here.