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[Comment] The UK’s everyday debt economy

Johnna Montgomerie and Liam Stanley

Continuing dependence on debt highlights the great ‘strategic silence’ at the heart of the contemporary political economy of the UK Household debt is the strategic silence in contemporary policy debates about the state of the UK economy.  We know that households across the income and socio-economic spectrum are dependent on debt: in 2014, households with average incomes, families with children … Continue reading

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[News] Just published: ‘The British Growth Crisis’ edited by Jeremy Green, Colin Hay and Peter Taylor-Gooby

We are delighted to announce the publication of The British Growth Crisis edited by Jeremy Green, Colin Hay and Peter Taylor-Gooby. The British Growth Crisis is an important collection of essays by leading commentators who seek to provide a much-needed answer to the question of growth following the financial crash of 2007 which brought British growth to a sharp halt. The essays … Continue reading

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[Comment] Inequality and politics in the neo-gilded age: a view from the United States

Stephanie Mudge

Can mainstream political parties reverse the tide? There is much talk about wealth and income inequality nowadays.  Here in the US inequality has now reached levels that look a lot like a neo-gilded age.  The concern, for many, is perhaps less inequality per se, but rather whether it is here to stay (the short answer is yes, unless we change … Continue reading

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[Comment] Greece’s crisis without end?

Nick Williams and Tim Vorley

The new Syriza government needs to focus as much on the regeneration of the competitiveness of the Greek economy as it does on immediate debt relief In one of the most closely watched European elections ever, the results are in from Greece.  Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing anti-austerity Syriza party, has been sworn in as Prime Minister after forming … Continue reading

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[Comment] The new geopolitical economy of oil in the Americas

Matthew Bishop

The recent collapse in oil prices is a mixed blessing: from the vantage point of the Caribbean the implications are perplexing and disturbing When I moved to Trinidad in 2009, a country blessed with a flourishing hydrocarbon industry, I marvelled at the fact that it cost barely £10 to fill my car with petrol.  But global oil prices were hovering … Continue reading

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[Comment] The President’s ‘Queen’s Speech’

David Coates

The nature and timing of Obama’s latest policy shift is extraordinarily hard to understand The United Kingdom and the United States are divided by more than a common language.  They are divided too by the different character of the political systems prevalent in each.  They do, however, share a propensity for political theatre.  The UK has a major example of … Continue reading

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[Comment] Quantifying employment protection

Thomas Hastings

Although it trumpets the benefits of a low employment protection rate, the OECD utilises a flawed methodology for measuring employment protection legislation Last year the Secretary-General of the OECD, Angel Gurria, cited low rates of employment protection governing the UK labour market as pivotal to reducing unemployment and enhancing the economy in the aftermath of the financial crash.  UK figures … Continue reading

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[News] Three new Associate Fellows

We are very pleased to announce that a further three members of University of Sheffield staff have accepted invitations to become Associate Fellows of SPERI. They are: Dr Nick Williams (Management School) Dr Pavlos Gkasis (International Faculty, City College, Thessaloniki) Dr Alexandra Prodromidou (International Faculty, City College, Thessaloniki). We now have 32 Associate Fellows from the following departments at the … Continue reading

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[Comment] ALBA: an important but poorly understood regional project

Asa Cusack

Economic and political problems in Venezuela now threaten many of the real achievements of this alternative mode of regionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean Venezuela has an abundance of oil and a lack of doctors.  Cuba has an abundance of doctors and a lack of oil.  On 14 December 2004, the two countries launched the Bolivarian Alliance for the … Continue reading

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[Comment] Saving ‘Social Europe’

Vivien Schmidt

Reinterpreting the rules ‘by stealth’ is all that is presently possible in governing the Eurozone economy During the euro’s sovereign debt crisis, European leaders have been obsessed with rules, numbers and pacts.  These include the ‘Six-Pack’, the ‘Two-Pack’ and the ‘Fiscal Compact’, each more stringent on the nature of the rules, more restrictive with regard to the numbers and more … Continue reading

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