New Associate Fellows appointed

SPERI is pleased to announce that, from the beginning of January, it has appointed a number of new Associate Fellows drawn from colleagues working on political economy in no less than nine other departments at the University of Sheffield.

All Associate Fellows will contribute to SPERI’s work in some way, either by contributing to its blog, writing SPERI papers or organising meetings, workshops and conferences with SPERI.

The full list of new Associate Fellows is:

speri_150Professor Ian Bache (Department of Politics); Dr Dimitris Ballas (Department of Geography); Dr Jo Bates (Information School); Professor Sarah Brown (Department of Economics); Professor Simon Bulmer (Department of Politics); Dr Georgios Efthyvoulou (Department of Economics); Professor Stephen Farrall (School of Law); Dr Liam Foster (Department of Sociological Studies); Professor Andrew Geddes (Department of Politics); Dr Thomas Goodfellow (Department of Town and Regional Planning); Professor Jean Grugel (Department of Geography); Professor Graham Harrison (Department of Politics); Professor Jason Heyes (School of Management); Professor Andrew Hindmoor (Department of Politics); Professor John Hobson (Department of Politics); Professor Andrew Johnston (School of Law); Professor Martin Jones (Department of Geography); Professor Richard Jones (Department of Physics); Dr Alberto Montagnoli (Department of Economics); Dr Owen Parker (Department of Politics); Dr Jonathan Perraton (Department of Economics); Professor Nicola Phillips (Department of Politics); Dr Peter Rodgers (School of Management); Dr Vassilis Sarantides (Department of Economics); Dr Jojo Nem Singh (Department of Geography); Dr Liam Stanley (Department of Politics); Dr Hayley Stevenson (Department of Politics); Dr Tim Vorley (School of Management) and Professor Alan Walker (Department of Sociological Studies).